Making Waiting Queue Efficient & Peaceful

Nobody enjoys Standing in a long queue and waiting for his turn. QueCloud was born to improve overall service quality. It speed up queue with self managed kiosk connected to live queue display. Let visitors know how when his turn will be and let him enjoy SMS notification so that he can spend waiting time in a productive manner. Queue Management TV can play videos or commercial ads that change boredom into entertainment. Queue Management system has been used in restaurant with our products while it can be used with hospitality, insurance, bank or any places as separate product.

Smart Waiting List

Video Ad Signage

Queue Receipt & Notification

Smart waiting list

QueCloud organizes multiple queue and assign auto generated token for every guest.  Queue could be size of tables in Dine in, or sales area, or doctors name who will provide service. When resource is free queue manager goes to his tablet or laptop and logs in and press “call” button. Then TV will show token number and optionally guest will receive  sms on his cell phone. If guest never appears queue manager can press call again and next guest will be called.

Check-in Kiosk

Let visitor use electronic kiosk to quickly register his information. It will add more privacy as well accuracy of the information. Visitor will then receive his own printed ticket.

Print Token

QueCloud can print custom Ticket with User name, Token & Queue number. User may receive ticket on his cell phone.

TV Signage with Notification

Guest number selected by the Queue Manager will display in the TV Signage. The service facility may advertise their products at the same time showing the notification for the next guest being called. Advertisements can be stream of single images or stored video contents. Live TV may also be replaced with the product advertisements. Guests can easily monitor the queue number in the TV screen and estimate their turn the same time watching TV contents.

Everything gets connected

Stores who had moved in to QueCloud solution immediately recognized the advantages. Their guests loved self service check-in. Then Database system made the waiting queue even more manageable.  In addition to that, QueCloud upgraded their regular tv to a powerful signage and queue notification system.

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