We offer specialized POS solutions for Restaurants & Retails.

Monalisa Ciudad del Este, Paraguay using customized ORO Products since 2016.



Popular open source POS for Dine In, QSR and Retails. Since 2009 it has added 166,000 downloads in 35 countries and localized in many languages.

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ORO POS is our PRO line of product that we used to offer to paid subscribers.  This POS offers optimized database, improved report engine, and cloud connectivity for multiple stores. There are a number of features that benefits stores including menu page, price list,  retail view, gift card, inventory and better plugins.  ORO POS ships with free plugin and can directly download orders from OpenDining. This is also EMV compliant and tested with major credit card processors.  To learn more about ORO POS or purchase it contact support @ orocube.com


We have 3 plugins for Floreant POS. They are paid once(5 year license) and activated per terminal. Plugins are source for funding for our open source product

  • ORO Cust   Home Delivery & Pickup extension plugin with Caller Id support, driver management, reports and pizza delivery features.   
  • FloorPlan   FloorPlan and visual layout for Table service, organizes multiple floors and records restaurant booking   
  • Inventory   Simple inventory system for Raw materials and recipe.


Plugin for Home delivery, Pickup, Catering and Drive thru.

  • Extends home delivery order type.
  • Caller ID Device Integration.
  • Customer Registration.
  • Order history & Reorder.
  • Driver assign & Order dispatch.
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Visual Table layout and table booking system

  • Create floor layouts
  • Drag & Drop Table arrangement
  • Multi-floor managmenet
  • Table types
  • Table booking
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Plugin for raw material inventory and recipe

  • Warehouse & stores
  • Create Individual Items
  • Export & Import products
  • Keep track of transactions
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QueCloud is a queue management system that works.

It has user self-register queue and show next waiting person in large TV.  It benefits busy restaurants, cafe, stores or healthcare system.

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