Inventory Plugin


1 Terminal Licensed Copy of Inventory plugin compatible with Floreant POS 1.4 build 1707+ .



Please read the description carefully so that you understand what you are going to receive.

# Feature Description
1 Backoffice Changes – Inventory Plugin will add “Inventory Items” menu in backoffice.
– You will be able create inventory items, specify their cost, unit and location.
– It will automatically create necessary database tables in Floreant POS.
2 Look up tables You will find lookup table and their forms for
– Inventory Item Group
– Units of Measurements
– Vendors
3 Store Location You can create Warehouses & Locations.
Please note one Inventory item can stay under one warhouse and locations.
4 Recipe In Menu Item Inventory will add a new tab in Menu Item. It will let you connect Raw material with Menu items
5 Shopping list We will generate shopping list based on re-order level.
6 Packing Units We maintain a Packing and recipe units. By default on Recipe units will be deducted.


Inventory Item IN and OUT

Please note that IN and OUT affects only inventory items. You can record IN and OUT directly from backoffice or let it happen automatically by selling items on Recipe. Inventory items must be connected to recipe to turn this feature on.


# Report Description
1 On Hand Report Shows stock balance for items
2 Transaction Report Show IN and OUT transactions for items

Plugins must use defined version. After you have purchase you will be eligible to receive a Temp license for training purpose. You have sending your terminals key to obtain license after you have purchased it.

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