No-contract Hourly Support


Floreant POS saves your money and getting support from core developers of Floreant POS will secure your business from any unseen bug or error in the product. It will lessen hassle and bring out full benefits and value of investment. We have been developing Floreant POS for more than 8 years. We know our product more than anyone else.


It’s a no-contract Ad-hoc support charged against requested hours only. We practically cover any version of Floreant POS either new or running and try to solve any issues that you have been facing. However we may restrict support on modified version of POS done by third party developers.  If you are facing problem in the middle, or made bad installation, or want to move installed system, this could be the best way to solve it. Should you need to upgrade, we will provide you the latest compiled program.

  • Our support technician will access your system remotely using licensed tool like GoToMeeting or Blizz.
  • We will help you building your menu system properly,
  • You will be guided for the best way to migrate from other POS.
  • Our developer may provide a way for Bulk import of items from other system.
  • Usually we assign our developers the earliest possible. Max wait time for remote access schedule is 3 work days.
  • If any small changes are required that requires development we will arrange that with extra charge.
  • It’s available to any country as long as we have access to high speed internet.

Only $99.00/hour

Every ad-hoc support is recorded in our Helpdesk system.