Support Subscription


Getting support from core developer of Floreant POS will protect your business from any unseen bug or error in the product. Lessen hassle, enjoy full benefits and secure your money. Floreant has been developed by other team for more than 8 years,  we know our product more than anyone else.


First month $300.00 setup fee is added. Next only pays $50/terminal per month.  If user discontinues setup fee needs to be reapplied.

If you need custom support package for large store contact or call +1-800-844-6603


Long term support license that covers your POS from any software bugs. We maintain a copy of the software in our end so that all modifications are recorded.

  • Subscribed user is registered in our Helpdesk portal.
  • Can request support over email, chat or phone.
  • Max response time is 48 hours. Average response time is 6 hours.
  • Will send hot fixes or patch as necessary.
  • Reach our support team 9AM -5PM Monday – Friday. We are closed in US holidays.
  • Includes 2 Remote access support included per month. For more need to buy extra credit**.
  • Included 5 Helpdesk/phone tickets /month.
  • 1 Terminal and 1 Database included in support. Every extra terminal will require separate subscription.
  • We offer free upgrade to any major releases.
  • Weekend and off-hour support available with extra charge.

Terms & Conditions

  • Support is for bug only. Anything that not promised in Floreant POS will be considered as new features. That may require separate charge.
  • Support subscription is non-transferrable and no-refundable because of its nature of business.
  • You are responsible for providing high speed internet and installation of operating system.
  • We do not allow using a POS terminal for other job like word processing, browsing, playing games etc.
  • Any issues affected by Virus, Malware, Trojans etc are outside our scope of support.
  • If more than one terminal is connected to one database server. Each terminal must purchase support.
  • Initial setup charge is needed and then monthly payment is needed.
  • If restaurants stops paying monthly charge, reconnect fee may reapply.


  • 1 Phone/Helpdesk support is 10 credit.
  • 1 Remote access support is 25 credit

You can purchase extra 50 credit pack for US $50.00.



Additional information

Any new feature requested


Menu Programming


Database migration from other system