Support Subscription


1 Terminal support supscription as per product detail.


Long term support license that covers your POS from any software bugs. We maintain a copy of the software in our end so that all modifications are recorded.

  • Subscribed user is registered in our Helpdesk portal.
  • Can request support over email, chat or phone.
  • Max response time is 48 hours. Average response time is 6 hours.
  • Will send hot fixes or patch as necessary.
  • Reach our support team 9AM -5PM Monday – Friday. We are closed in US holidays.
  • Includes 2 Remote access support included per month. For more need to buy extra credit**.
  • Included 5 Helpdesk/phone tickets /month.
  • 1 Terminal and 1 Database included in support. Every extra terminal will require separate subscription.
  • We offer free upgrade to any major releases.
  • Weekend and off-hour support available with extra charge.

Terms & Conditions

  • Support is for bug only. Anything that not promised in Floreant POS will be considered as new features. That may require separate charge.
  • Support subscription is non-transferrable and no-refundable because of its nature of business.
  • You are responsible for providing high speed internet and installation of operating system.
  • We do not allow using a POS terminal for other job like word processing, browsing, playing games etc.
  • Any issues affected by Virus, Malware, Trojans etc are outside our scope of support.
  • If more than one terminal is connected to one database server. Each terminal must purchase support.
  • Initial setup charge is needed and then monthly payment is needed.
  • If restaurants stops paying monthly charge, reconnect fee may reapply.


  • 1 Phone/Helpdesk support is 10 credit.
  • 1 Remote access support is 25 credit

You can purchase extra 50 credit pack for US $50.00.



Additional information

Any new feature requested


Menu Programming


Database migration from other system