ORO POS and Plugins

ORO POS is our pro version of POS software that comes with unlimited helpdesk support, bug fix, and free updates. We have bi-weekly updates with new features. Recommended for stores with multiple terminals. ORO POS offers full feature KDS with order dispatch, and plugins: Inventory, Floorplan with reservation, and Home delivery features.

Floreant POS and Plugins

Floreant POS is our basic POS system released “AS IS” as opensource software. Floreant POS is free and free of any support or warranty.  We release full source in sf.net. Floreant POS also support specialized plugins. Plugins are released under proprietary license.

Raw material Inventory Plugin for Floreant POS


Visual Floor layout for Floreant POS


Home Delivery Plugin for Floreant POS