Orostock plugin to keep track of the raw materials and inventory control

Orostock plugin gives the ability to import/ export inventory items, collaborate with menu items to be added as recipe differently for each menu item, and keep track of all transactions.


Many more features are available in our latest release candidate. If you purchased pro version for 1.4 build 705 you can get free upgrade. For more details contact sales @orocube.com.

Benefits of OroStock

Warehouse and Store Locations

Each inventory item can be grouped by Location and Vendor. This helps to find a specific item easily by the location and get more information about the vendor of that specific raw material. All inventory items also can be grouped by their specific product type.

Creating Individual Inventory Items

All inventory items can have packaging options, reorder level, total package amount and pricing besides the grouping and location options.

Importing or Exporting

Inventory Items can be imported or exported to/ from xml/ csv file types.

Keeping track of transactions

The major part of the Inventory management is the tracking of the daily transactions. For all the transactions happen the inventory items will get updated as per sale. Purchasing or selling inventory items can also be done from the back office.

Inventory Groups

Packaging Units


Inventory Locations

Adding or Editing Inventory Items

Back Office Transactions for Raw Materials

Adding Inventory Items/ Raw Materials as Recipe to Menu Items

How to obtain Pro license

When you will pay we will request following information

1. Name & Email of the user
2. Terminal key