Simple and effective way to take care of Ingredients in a restaurants. This plugin will add inventory functionalities in floreant pos backoffice. It maintains stock balance by  packages and recipe units. Our plugin licenses are issued for 5 year per terminal with free upgrade.


Classify Inventory Items

Groups can be a life saver. Arrange huge number of raw materials under Group. You can also record resell items in inventory database.  You can also classify different sizes of Products in Group. For example “Coke” group can record Canned Coke, Large and Small bottle of coke.  This is very important feature and can be used for generating stock and transaction reports.

 Inventory item location

In every item you can also assign an inventory warehouse and location.

Recipe units calculated

You buy in in large packages, and kitchen consumes them in smaller units. Recipe units are autocalculated and consumption is recorded for every sale item. For example you can purchase 1 Gallon bottle of Oil and our plugin will tell you how many spoons of Oils are there in stock.

Shopping List

You can set reorder level in every item and every morning know which items are getting out of stock.


We produce group wise Inventory on hand reports and transaction details.

Inventory Groups

Packaging Units


Inventory Locations

Adding or Editing Inventory Items

Back Office Transactions for Raw Materials

Adding Inventory Items/ Raw Materials as Recipe to Menu Items

This Inventory plugin is specifically designed for small restaurants who want to know status of their raw materials. By design it can only save one item in one specific locations. Please note this may not be fit for retail store environment where purchase, return, multi-warehouse transfers are essential. OROCUBE has separate products for retail and multiple ware house based inventory. For any question email us.


For any questions call 800-844-6603 or email sales@orocube.net