Home Delivery or Store Pick Up Orders with Caller ID module

Connect land phones via caller ID device and configure back office to enable Orocust Plugin. See ringing phone number in the order view screen and take orders for specific customer been recorded in the database or by creating new customer entry.


Call +1 800-844-6003

Dispatch View Screen

OroCust supports both Ethernet and USB caller id devices. it can start with one line and can extend up to 32 lines.

Supported Caller ID Devices


Editing Customer Info

Selecting Customer

Back Office Configuration

Creating Zones

Viewing Order Info


Benefits of OroCust

Caller ID supported

Customer calling to the store will be displayed in the Floreant POS screen. Caller ID device is supported through Ehternet Link and USB based AD101/ Whozz calling Device. Ethernet Device has option to 2-4 unit per line and can arrange up to 32 lines. The caller ID device will be automatically detected if added to router and phone lines will pass through this.

Google Map Integration

Delivery address and store address both can be searched and refined with integrated google mapping facility. The distance between both addresses and the estimated time duration gets calculated at the same time of giving the map preview and driving directions.

Delivery Order by Zone or Distance

Different zones can be created depending on the distance in between the store and the delivery address and thereby different zones can be charged differently for delivery. Zip code associated to the delivery address can also be used to categorize different zones.

Driver Management

Delivery driver can be assigned to each order delivery separately. A driver may also get access to the system logging in with his credentials and mark as Close Order those are already delivered.

Delivery Dispatch System

All the Orders to be delivered to customer address can be managed from one single screen. It will show the customer info along with other info such as if the food is ready to deliver or still in the kitchen, expected order delivery time, driver name and store leave time for the driver to the destination.