Manage phone orders, pizza pricing, kitchen status, driver dispatch, delivery schedule and pick ups with OroCust Plugin

This video will show how a well-designed tool can greatly enhance employee productivity and speep up overall service. Recoding delivery information is a big hassle. While OroCust OroCust plugin reuse previously entered data. It has build-in support for USB and Ethernet caller Id. Check how easy is the pizza designer. In the same place you can select size, crust, specialty, toppings and so on. We have built the most easy pizza designer for you.

Pizza design flow in Floreant

Set driver property in Back office, assigning orders to driver and tracking delivery status

In our system any available employee can work as driver.  Manager would turn on driver feature in employee profile and its all set.  OroCust also provide two special features called Driver-In/Out and Dispatch view.  Drivers can see only his tickets and plan for a route. In right of side of the panel driver can see distance and route.

Expedite order, Caller ID and Reordering

Its easy to search an existing customer by phone number. OroCust has reordering feature that can create order from previous orders.  This is very common that most of the returning customer will see their order done in less than 30 seconts.