7 April,  2017

OpenDining ( http://opendining.net ) is a reputed online ordering system that has been popular in USA, Canada, UK and many other countries in the world. We thank found of  OpenDining system for sharing valuable knowledge to enhance our system with their. Now we can directly sync order from web and push to our dispatch window as well as kitchen. We also got access to undocumented internal API that process data even faster and efficient way.  Our first system is being implemented in a Minnesota based Pizza delivery chain.

Why OpenDining

  • One of the top known online ordering systems
  • Speed up online ordering by repeating previous orders
  • Online payment is integrated.
  • Up-selling sides and drinks.
  • A good system for Pizza & Combo items with section wise price & modifiers
  • Built in email-marketing tool to get returning guests.
  • Referral & Discount system

Service Coverage

US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Greece, Singapore, Norway, Cyprus, El Salvador,  New Zealand & Jamaica

Integration type
Custom Plugin

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