Order management with restaurant’s table layout

Set up and fully customize your restaurant’s table layout from the back office and monitor the status of each table on Floreant POS with Table Layouts. View the entire layout of your restaurant from one easily accessible screen. Upcoming version allows Organize tables by table, check their activity and connect them with table booking system.

Floor Plan plugin dramatically improve service quality and overall productivity of a restaurant.

Benefits of FloorPlan Pro Plugin

Layout Planner

Floor Plan includes a layout studio where store owner can setup their own floor and attach table buttons, arrange them with drag and drop of mouse. He can also breakdown a large restaurant layout into multiple section and add them as virtual floors. All floors are then accessible from one place. Multilevel restaurants can easily arrange their seating charts by floor or room.

Tracking Tables in Service

Once an employee has opened a table, it will clearly be designated as open, and other employees can be locked from accessing those orders.

Configure Tables

With FloorPlan Pro Plugin software, not only users can manage their table layouts, but also can configure each and every table in back office.

 Table Reservation

This powerful feature allows searching Tables by table type and guest size and make reservation. Optionally it can record extra charge for busy season.


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Floor Designer

Back-office : Set floor picture. Drag & drop Tables in floor and then turn off “rearrange mode”

Back-office : Organize tables with size and table classes.

Make table reservations. You can search tables and assign customer. Later on you can set status of booked table.

Free Plugin for 1.4 Build 705
We have decided to phase out our free plugin for build 1.4 build  705.  If you have obtained that, that was designed in early 2015 and provided “AS IS”. This plugin does not work with our 2016 beta release build 1.4 build 1551+ . If you use you may face unexpected errors.

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