Table service made easy

Set up and fully customize your restaurant’s table layout from the back office and monitor the status of each table on Floreant POS with Table Layouts. View the entire layout of your restaurant from one easily accessible screen. Upcoming version allows Organize tables by table, check their activity and connect them with table booking system.


  1. Layout Planner

    Floor Plan includes a layout studio where store owner can setup their floors and drag and drop table buttons. He can also breakdown a large floor into multiple sections, organize table by group and enable and disable them as needed. This not only gives clear picture of the restaurant but also allow look after it from one place.

  2. Track Tables

    Table buttons change their color according to status. When a table is busy it show Ticket no, and server name on that. This makes a guest easily find free table and improves customer satisfaction. Aside that, if a table is owned by other server, it separates them in different color.

  3. Table Reservation

    FloorPlan includes a table reservation wizard where manager can search available tables by table capacity and table type.


Get FloorPlan Plugin


Floor Designer

Back-office : Set floor picture. Drag & drop Tables in floor and then turn off “rearrange mode”

Back-office : Organize tables with size and table classes.

Make table reservations. You can search tables and assign customer. Later on you can set status of booked table.